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What documents do I need to rent a car in UK

Three things are essential firstly your driver's license, secondly a credit card, and last but not least yourself with a valid reservation, hopefully with us the car rental center.

It's worth noting that all drivers need to be over 25 years old, and the main driver will also need to have a credit card in their name. It worth thinking about the amount of credit you have on your card, as the rental desk will preauthorize an amount to cover the estimated cost of the rental, and the cost of the fuel which can differ depending on the size of the rental car your taking, plus any security deposit typically 250. Having said all this, the security and fuel deposits are fully refundable when you return the car with the equivalent amount fuel in usually a full tank, as this is what most cars are rented out with.

When selecting your rental car think beforehand about

It's imperative to remember that rental cars in Europe are a lot smaller than rental cars in the USA. This can be a positive really, as some of the smaller roads (B roads) in the United Kingdom are very beautiful, leafy and idyllic but they are also very narrow, so a smaller car does help navigate the not so wide roads of the UK.

Think about parking, a smaller rental car is much easier to park, think about the fuel costs, again smaller rental cars are more cost-effective to run.

Think about your luggage. If good old Auntie Mavis from Manchester is putting you and your family up, and saving you a load of money on a hotel bill bless her, then you may be able to select a slightly smaller rental car again. You can get all your stuff in the car make the journey albeit with a few bags around the passenger in the back seat, but you can off load all the luggage when you arrive at your journey's end, and that rental car will then have plenty of room, as the luggage has been placed in good old Auntie Mavis's spare room.

Joking aside just look at the images when get a quote for your rental car, we clearly display luggage capacity which can be a good guide for you, just look for the logo. If you're still uncertain, just contact us, and we will guarantee you choose the right rental car for your requirements.

Luggage capacity in UK rental cars

Don't forget to look out for our special offers like free extra drivers when renting your car in the UK, so share the driving with your partner, at no extra cost, makes for a much more pleasurable holiday.